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DarkShadow this happens to me as well but not often you mileage may very according to differences in your system and installed software configuration. Unfortunately I do not know what is causing it. Hey, downloaded the lol. I have a link below on what the problem looks like, is it the Java 34 bit problem. Hello again, My League Of Legends application won't open.

I try to restart my computer but it says "League Of Legends is blocking restart. Quit from League Of Legends and then restart". I tried to do it, but LoL doesn't quit.. I also tried to shut down but it says the same thing Yesterday I downloaded the beta version you were talkin about in your upper comments. It all was installed well, It updated and I ve got quickboot as well. I too changed the language - and now it is on german.

Besides, I envy you for your patience! Hey Mastorak, I have read this entire post and tried anything that seems it might help. I downloaded the torrent, and was able to update fully. But, when I go to log in it says "connection failure: unable to login to the PvP. Thus since you installed now you used the correct uri.

Make sure that you created a european account for the game and at your lol. Anonymous friend Make sure that you lol.

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If you assigned the european server on lol. Hey Mastorak, I made sure that the lol. It looks exactly like you have it in the post.

It still gives me the same error message "connection failure: unable to login to the PvP. I feel like I am going to be that exception in this, even though I well exceed the requirements for the game. If you have any other suggestions for me, I will be checking this thread frequently. As always your continued patience is much appreciated.

Anonymous Friend Since you have a valid NA account and you have saet up the game to connect to the NA server I do not think the problem is mac related. It is probably RIOT related. I would advice you to try it again in a few hours or tomorrow to see if anything has changed form riots side. It probably is a network related problem.

If not I do not know what it might be Oh, and a 'just in case question': Does the message on the bottom-left of the login window say that the server is online? Hey Mastorak, I have tried again and again, even tried using the European server. I cannot get past the login screen. When I put my username and password in and press login it loads for a min and then shoots out the same error message. It says the server is online as well, so I don't get it.

Its really too bad, I was excited for this game. If there are any other thoughts Ill be checking the thread. Anonmous friend who is asking if it works even though riot removed the beta. It is working for most users, your mileage may very. You can try. Random: Restart the application and then the update will resume.

You say to replace the text in the lol.

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Do you mean erase the text not replace it? Alzaabi and anonymous Friend: If the installer is giving you problem try to download the whole client form the torrent. Cody Replace the text in the lol. Problem is that it says That the server is Unavaliable, I have played lol before in my windows but now trying it on a mac. Downloaded the client from the torrents and followed ur steps to make it work in the uk.

Any ideas on wat i did wrong or wat i have to do? You will be able to login as soon as they solve it. It has nothing to do with the mac client. I got the game running and can join games and everything seems to work, but it wont let me click my actual hero or let me move him anyway on the maps? I have no idea why its letting me shop and learn skills through clicking but not letting me select my actual hero. I followed your guide and to use the North American server, now when I try to open the program it says "The application League of Legends can't be opened. Stafosaurus I am sorry but I cannot think why this might happen.


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Try messing around with the video setting of the game and set them all to "low" to see if is makes any difference. Anonymous friend. This happens to windows clients as well sometimes.

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Restarting your computer might fix it. Hey actually i had no problems with installing or anything but when im in game I cant use My E spell cuz ecery time y press the "E" key the just freeze and i have to log out an restart everythin any idea on how to fix it?? Red I do not think it is an issue with the mac client. Check to see if you have any functions assigned to that key or check the game settings for something similar.

Hello again, When i open the launcher it says that the server is unavailable, but in the official LoL site it says that the servers are online and in my Windows computer i can play too. I'm having the server problem as well; did everything as suggested above with installation, updating, and fixing the lol.

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Yet when i launch the client it says server unavailable, yet it can't be a problem on Riot's end as their site is saying servers are online. First of all I want to thank you for making this guide and actually answer patiently to people ; I've been playing for some months in the EU servers with no problems.

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Today I've created an account to play in the NA servers and did the changes you refer in your guide. The problem happens when I try to open the game. The LoL symbol appears on the bottom of the screen like it does when you start any program but then it disappears and the game doesn't open at all. If I change it all back to EU definitions it works perfectly again. Any idea how to solve this? Regarding the server unavailable problem. From what i understand this is a connectivity issue and not a mac related issue. Visit the Help page or contact us at downloader pandonetworks.

So I used the europeon one but idk if im suppose to and when i use the north america one, the LOL patch one show up but the europeon one does. I tried the the felixjet thing and the temp folder and the other stuff were already there. Dear Anonymous friend you should keep in mind that European and American Servers are independently patched usually within a few days difference.

Thus if you have set up you client either way and the other runs on a different version you will not be able to connect and play.

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In order for you to switch servers you have to change the region on the cfg file and ,if there is a difference on the version number, wait until they are on the same version. I have downloaded the game and done all of the changes that you recommended. What is happening is the launcher will open and update until it says PLAY in the bottom right, but with I click play it just minimizes the launcher and nothing happens. Thanks very much in advance for the help! Anonymous friend with the problem switching to the NA servers. Thanks for the kind words and the correction.